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About duty-free store

  • ・Non-residents who haven't spent more than 6 months since they entered Japan (such as tourists from overseas) are eligible for duty-free stores.
  • ・Tax is excluded when the total purchase of general items (rods, reels, fishing gear, coolers, etc.) is more than 5,000 yen.
  • ・Consumables such as bait, paint, and maintenance products are not included.
  • ・We'll check your passport in the duty-free procedure.


  • ・Only temporary residents such as foreign tourists can shop at our duty-free stores.
  • ・The temporary residents are those who have stayed in Japan less than 6 months.
  • ・8% tax will be excluded when purchasing general items at the store under certain conditions.
  • ・Consumables (baits) are not included in the tax-free items.
  • ・When purchasing items without tax, you need to show your passport at the store.We'll attach a purchase record sheet to your passport. Please show it to the customs when leaving the country.
  • ・Tax will be removed when purchasing more than 5,000 yen worth of items (without tax). Any consumable payment cannot be added to the total cost.
  • ・You need to take the purchased tax-free items with you when leaving the country.
  • ・We cannot sell our duty-free products, if you are planning to use them for business or sale.
  • ・Tax exemption process needs to be completed at the store where you purchased your item. You cannot conduct the tax exemption process for items from different stores.
  • ・Tax exemption process is completed on the day of the purchase. You cannot complete the process for any items that were purchased on the preceding days.
  • ・We are not accepting product returns or exchanges.
  • ・When the payment exceeds 1 million yen, we'll keep a copy of your passport.

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About duty-free store